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RV Day-Night Shade - Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter and help for RV day-night shades

Lifting & Lowering Problems

RV day-night shades lifting and lowering problems

How do I determine how much string I need?
My shade won’t stay in the position that I want it to.
The strings are broken or frayed.
The shade goes up unevenly.

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Fabric Problems

Venetian blinds tilting problems

The fabric of my shade is puckered out and won’t fold properly when the shade is raised and lowered.
The cell on my shade are separating or becoming unglued. What type of adhesive can I use to fix this?

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Cord Tensioner Problems

Venetian blinds tilting problems

How do I rethread the cord tensioners?

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Child Safety Issues

RV day-night shades child safety problems

I am afraid that my child or pet will become tangled in the lift cords on my wood blinds.

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