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Blind Part Categories

We carry blind and shade parts for Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Bali, Graber, Kirsch, Comfortex, M&B, and many more brands. Most parts are compatible with multiple brands; therefore, the easiest way to find your part is to shop by blind category (E.g. vertical blinds, wood blinds, mini blinds, cellular shades, etc.). For help identifying your part, view our schematic diagrams.


Cord, String & Loops

We offer a wide variety of string and cord, as well as continuous cord loops, flat lift tape, evenpleat spacer cord, restring kits, and the tools needed to complete restring repairs.

Tilt Mechanisms

Tilt mechanisms are the encased gear enclosures mounted in the headrail, that operate the rotation of the slats, or vanes, by the twisting of a wand or the pulling of cords. Fix My Blinds carries tilters for horizontal and vertical blinds. Please follow the directions on our Tilt Mechanism Buying Guide to find the right tilter.

Valance Clips & Corners

Valance clips connect your decorative valance to your headrail. Search for the valance clip and corner by blind type below. Fix My Blinds carries valance clips for one & two inch blinds and vertical blinds.


Brackets connect a blind or shade to the ceiling or wall. Our selection includes one and two inch mini blind brackets, wood, faux and venetian brackets, vertical blind brackets, silhouette shade brackets, cellular/honeycomb & pleated shade brackets, woven wood blind brackets, hold down brackets, extension brackets, and the hardware to repair your blinds.


Wands & Wand Tips

We offer plastic wands, metal wands, fiberglass wands, and wood wands in various lengths and colors. We also have different replacement wand tips if you need to repair an existing wand.

Bead Chain & Accessories

Bead chain is used to drive various clutch systems that lift, or tilt, blinds and shades.

Bottom Rail Parts

Bottom rail parts consists of anything that connects to the bottom rail of the blind or helps the bottom rail function properly. Products that we carry are bottom rail buttons, end caps, cloth retainer caps, hold down brackets, and handles for cordless blinds and shades.

Cleaning Supplies


Cloth Tape & Ladders

Cloth tape and string ladder allow the slats on a blind to be suspended in unison and rotated nearly 180 degrees. We have a variety of colors to fit with your interior design scheme.

Clutch Parts

A clutch system uses a gear to alleviate some of the lifting weight of the blind or shade. They work in conjunction with continuous cord loops for easy lifting and lowering of your blind or shade.

Cord Guides

Cord guides are small parts that help guide the cord in the right place. They may have grooves that directionally guide and organize the different strands of cord. Fix My Blinds has cord guides for roman shades, woven wood blinds, pleated & cellular/honeycomb shades, and rv shades.

Cord Locks

Cord locks help keep the blind string & cord lifted or lowered at the desired height. Once lifted or lowered, the lock will hold the string and cord in place. Fix My Blinds has cord locks for one inch blinds, two inch blinds, roman shade, cellular/honeycomb and pleated shade.


Drums & Cradles for Blinds

Drums are used on horizontal style blinds and work in conjunction with woven string ladder. The drum rotates which pulls string ladder and opens or closes the slats. The cradle holds the drum in place. Fix My Blinds has drums for one inch and two inch blinds and cradles for two inch blinds.

Fasteners & Retainers

We offer a variety of screws, nuts, bolts, retainer clips, and anchors to install your blinds and shades.

Repair Tools & Accessories

Various items to help you repair and install the parts offered on this website.

Tassels & Condensers

Tassels are the plastic, wood, or metal pieces on the end of the pull cord which function to weigh down the cord, something to grab, and to add a decorative accent to the blind or shade. Condensers are the junction that attach the smaller lift cords to a larger tassel cord. It can also function as a stopping point adjustment along the strings and cords.


Tensioners & Cleats

Cord tensioners & cord cleats are a great way to help make your blinds and shades safer for children and/or pets. Tensioners and cleats pull the string, cord and chain taught, reducing accidental mishaps. ***Please note that NOT all of our tensioners comply with the Child Safety Window Covering Council. Fix My Blinds in no way warranties or guarantees that the use of any of the products we sell will prevent accidents involving the window coverings they are used on. Please visit the Child Safety Window Covering page for more information.***


T-handle metal window cranks will give you enough leverage to operate your window and are small enough not to get in the way of your blind or shade, like other window cranks. We offer t-handles for Truth/Wright windows, Andersen windows, Pella windows, Peachtree windows, and old metal framed windows.

Vane Savers

Vane Savers are metal clips which press down on to the top of a vertical blind slat and create a new hole for that slat to then connect to the headrail. The are easy to install and work with most vinyl slats.


Clearance items are limited in quantity or are parts which we will no longer carry when out of stock. Clearance items are non-returnable, and all sales are final.

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Obsolete Parts

These blind parts are no longer being manufactured and are sold while supplies last.

New Parts

These are the new items recently added to the Fix My Blinds catalog!