Cellular Shade - Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter and help for cellular shades

Lifting & Lowering Problems

Cellular shade lifting and lowering problems

The lift cord that raises and lowers the blind is broken.
The blind is locked in the fully raised position and will not release when I pull on the cords.
My wood blind will not stay locked in the
up position.
My lift cords are starting to fray and they are getting stuck in the holes of the wood slats.

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Fabric Problems

The cell on my shade are separating or becoming unglued. What type of adhesive can I use to fix this? Answer: There is no permanent repair for this. It’s time to purchase a new shade.

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Child Safety Issues

Cellular shade child safety issues

I am afraid that my child or pet will become tangled in the lift cords on my wood blinds.

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