Cellular Shade - Standard (Bottom Up)

Troubleshooter and help for cellular shades

Lifting & Lowering Problems

Cellular shade lifting and lowering problems

My cord loop broke. Can I glue it, melt it or sew it back together permanently?
My shade is raising unevenly.
My blind is sagging in the middle or one of the sides.
Tensioner is too tight. Cord loop keeps breaking prematurely.

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Fabric Problems

The cell on my shade are separating or becoming unglued. What type of adhesive can I use to fix this?
The fabric is torn. Can I replace just the fabric?

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Mounting Problems

My painter/window replacement contractor took my shades down and threw away the brackets.
When I raise and lower my shade, the back rubs up against the wall, trim or glass.

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Child Safety Issues

Cellular shade child safety issues

I am afraid that my child or pet will become tangled in the lift cords of my cellular shade.

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