Fix My Blinds Customer Reviews

January 16, 2018
Great service and fast shipping. Measured, looked at pictures, ordered and blind is working again. Thanks
Brenda Simon
January 15, 2018
Very helpful. I was about to order the wrong thing item and my sales associate saved me. YEAH! I definitely will use y’all again and recommend y’all to my friends. Thank you!
January 11, 2018
What an amazing company! Have placed two orders for parts that I thought would be hard to find. But Fix My Blinds came thru both times. An amazing website that is easy to navigate and chock full of detail to insure you get what you are trying to get. Ultra quick service. My go to place for anything related to blinds. Thanks for your service!!
Pat Elam
January 9, 2018
Thank you! One of the three cords on my 6ft wide cellular shade broke. I went online, ordered the parts, watched the 6 minute video and it took me 3 hours but it is fixed. The next 12 shades (when needed) will be so much easier now that I know how to do it and that I CAN do it. The customer service rep answered all my questions and was a big help. Thank you for your replacement parts, how-to video and great service.
4447 T/S
January 9, 2018
Should have been my first choice. Detailed site, fast svc. Will share with others. Thnx
Marsha Weaver
January 4, 2018
I could not find the clips to reattach the valance to my blinds, even at the store I purchased the blinds. I was so excited to finally find them on this website that I ordered the wrong size. I called the company number and they gladly said I cold exchange them. Wow! Shipping was fast, the help I got was great and I was so happy to have finally gotten this job done. Thank you.
December 27, 2017
Perfect experience! Product is superior to the original and fit perfectly. Fast delivery, too.
December 21, 2017
So glad I found this website! Was looking to replace the exact same cording that originally came with my shades. Local fabric stores carry blind cording but it is an inferior product and not durable. Excellent website to determine cording required. Aaron was very helpful and patient when I did call with questions. Love the free sample option to confirm cording color and size. Samples arrived in a matter of days and placed my order as a result. My order arrived very quickly and was able to fix my blinds, yay! Definitely a satisfied and loyal customer for any future, blind repair parts!
December 15, 2017
When we had our house painted a few years ago, we took down the valance over a set of vertical blinds. In the process, we broke the clips that hold the valance in place. I put the valance away but lost the broken clips. I came across the valance again recently and decided to try to find a way to reattach. I sent pictures and dimensions of the rail and valance to FixMyBlinds and they identified the exact replacement clips. They arrived by mail in a few days, slid right into place, and the valance clicked back in perfectly. Truly grateful for their great service!
December 14, 2017
This website is amazing! Broke a string on a pleated blind, found the replacement ordered and fixed so easily! I had a broken cellular blind that's been sitting for a couple of years. Simple clutch replacement and I'm all fixed up! This was a HUGE fix as these blinds keep cold out and heat in (visa versa in summer months!) The ease of identifying replacements is the best! Photos, accurate measurements and how to videos are on point, and yes I did these repairs myself! 51 y/o female :) So much work went into this website, Thank You!!! I can't imagine trying to find these replacement parts in a store. A+++++

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