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June 20, 2018
What a great site! We have an older vertiglide blind on a set of sliders leading outside from bedroom. The string broke and i probably would have just replaced the whole blind assembly due to its age. However, with the tutorial on this site and a few dollars worth of string i repaired the blinds and now works better than before! My wife was impressed (more like surprised)! Well done fixmyblinds!
June 19, 2018
I ordered some plastic blind clips (handles) for my levelor honeycomb blinds today and Aaron’s customer service was excellent. This is the second order I’ve made through this company and both times the service has been excellent promptly arriving on time. Good company to do business with!
June 18, 2018
We moved in to our 25 year old home 2 years ago. I got tired of Morse code flashing the neighbors across the street every time I wanted to tilt open or close the blinds. Gave teenagers project to fix them. The 17yo found your web site and said I found the part. The 16yo said the YouTube video made it look easy taking old part off. He struggled a bit but eventually old part came off. New part fit perfectly and most important, blinds can turn open and close now!!! Ha!!! For $15 the part worked. Kudos :)
Sharon Henry
June 6, 2018
I've been in my house for over 3 years and finally got tired of dealing with the broken wand on one of the wooden blinds. I was able to easily find the part I was looking for on your website. The replacement wand arrived promptly. And the instructional video on your website showed me exactly how to fix it. Once I got up there, I discovered a broken valance clip. So, that looks like it will be next on my list of parts to order. I'm going to go around this weekend and inspect every set of blinds in the house so that I can order all of the needed replacement parts at once.
Jose and Peggy
June 3, 2018
Ordered the materials I needed on Thursday; I got a call from FMB early Friday to confirm the order and shipping address; the order was shipped on Friday; USPS delivered the package on Sunday (!!!); blinds fixed Sunday evening. Everything was exactly what I needed, the prices were very reasonable, and the service was awesome!!! Thanks Jose
June 1, 2018
The parts that I ordered from Fix my Blinds worked perfectly. I was able to match the website pictures and measurements of the blind tilter to mine and order the correct part. It was easy to install. This saves me so much frustration. I had looked everywhere to find the part and this ended up being the place to find it.
Carol Davis
June 1, 2018
Great customer service & speedy delivery of valance clips. Thanks you!
Corinne Loomis
May 29, 2018
Got your name from Home Depit to replace blinds valance clips. Despite having a big variety, you site made it virtually impossible to order the wrong ones. Between the diagram, exact dimensions and description of the particular blind, configuration or application, it’s almost impossible to order the wrong thing. Easy site to navigate, checkout easy and mailed to me the next day.
May 27, 2018
Could not find them any where else guys. Thanks so much.
May 24, 2018
I needed valance clips for my 15 year old faux wood blinds. It seems they degrade after a long period of time and exposure and when I removed the blinds for window trim painting, over half of them broke. I found this site and was able to match up the clips and pace the order in a matter of a few minutes. The order was placed Wednesday morning and according to the USPS tracking site, they are being delivered today, Friday! And that's without paying for expedited shipping costs. Thank You Fix My Blinds for the great service/experience.

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