Wood, Faux Wood & Venetian Blind Drums

Compare your drums visually, then match to the sizes we have on the product pictures.

  • Plastic Tape Drum 16

    Plastic Tape Drum 16

    Product ID: 4990
    SKU: DRUM-16

    Replacement Drum for 2" Wood Blinds with string ladders. 3/16" square hole.

    Our Price: $1.99

  • Plastic Drum 10

    Plastic Drum 10

    Product ID: 4983
    SKU: DRUM-10

    Ladder Type: Cloth Tape Ladder
    Hole Shape: 5/32" Notched Chevron

    Our Price: $5.00

  • Pin for DRUM-10

    Pin for DRUM-10

    Product ID: 4984
    SKU: DRUM-10-PIN

    Pin compatible with DRUM-06 and DRUM-10.

    Our Price: $1.00

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