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How to Shorten a Faux Wood Blind with Looping Lift Cords


Sometimes faux wood blinds are too long for the window. Instead of purchasing custom blinds to fit your window size, you can shorten the length of your blind using this process. This is for faux wood blinds that have two lifting strings that go around a pulley in the bottom rail.

Tools Needed


Parts Needed


Video Overview

Step 1 – Lower the blind all the way and tilt the slats open.

Step 2 – Mark the slat just above where you want the blind to rest when it is down.

Step 3 – Break and remove all the remaining slats under the marked slat.

Step 4 – Loosen the bottom rail buttons by pushing them out from the top of the bottom rail.

Step 5 – Remove the ladder string.

Step 6 – Cut the ladder strings two rungs below the last slat.

  • Using scissors, cut the ladder string two rungs below the last slat, and remove the cross strings
  • Be careful not to cut the lift strings.

Step 7 – Lift the bottom rail up to the last slat.

  • Use the pull cords to raise the bottom rail up to the bottom slat.

Step 8 – Remove the bottom rail buttons and tuck the ladder strings into each hole.

Step 9 – Test the blind.

  • Pull on the lift strings to make sure the blind raises smoothly and evenly.

Step 10 – Adjust the tassels on the lift strings to your desired length.

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