Vertical Blind Tilt Mechanisms

Compare your tilt mechanism visually, then match to the sizes we have on the product pictures.

  • Vertical Wand Tilt Control 500

    Vertical Wand Tilt Control 500

    Product ID: 5603
    SKU: TILTER-500

    Wand tilt controller used in certain vertical blinds.

    Our Price: $7.99

  • Vertical Blind Control 06

    Vertical Blind Control 06

    Product ID: 6932
    SKU: VC-06

    Available for both right and left sides.
    Our Price: $10.00

  • Levolor Vertical Blind Magnet Catch

    Product ID: 7021

    Magnet catch for Levolor vertical blinds.
    Our Price: $3.99

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