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Venetian Blind - Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter and help for venetian blinds

Tilting Problems

Venetian blinds tilting problems

The slats on the blind will not tilt when I twist the wand or pull the tilting strings.
When I twist the tilt wand, it makes a clicking sound and will not close the slats all of the way.
When I tried to tilt my blind with the wand, the entire wand fell off and now there is only a little stump left that I can no longer turn.
The tip of the wand broke off, but I can still tilt the blind by twisting the shaft sticking out of my blinds with my hand.
I have a wand tilter that I can no longer operate due to arthritis in my hands. I need something that is easier to manage for tilting my blinds.
The cords on my cord tilter do not pull smoothly.

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Lifting & Lowering Problems

Venetian blinds lifting & lowering problems

The lift cord that raises and lowers the blind is broken.
The blind is locked in the fully raised position and will not release when I pull on the cords.
My wood blind will not stay locked in the up position.
The lifting cord on my wood blinds is frayed and getting stuck in the holes in the middle of the slats. Sometimes the blind comes up unevenly because of this problem.

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Valance Problems

Venetian blinds valance problems

My decorative valance has fallen off the head rail and the clips that hold it up have broken.

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Mounting Problems

Venetian blinds mounting problems

My painter/window replacement contractor took my blinds down and threw away the brackets.
My wood blinds that are mounted on my french door are banging around when I open or close the door.
When I raise and lower my wood blind, the back of the slats rub up against the wall, trim or glass.

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Slat Problems

Venetian blinds slat problems

My decorative cloth tape is stained, dirty or disintegrating.
My slats are hanging crooked on my wood blind.
We had new windows installed and now my wood blinds are too wide.

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Child Safety Issues

Venetian blinds safety problems

I am afraid that my child or pet will become tangled in the lift cords on my wood blinds.

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