Bottom Rail Parts

Bottom rail parts consists of anything that connects to the bottom rail of the blind or helps the bottom rail function properly. Products that we carry are bottom rail buttons, end caps, cloth retainer caps, hold down brackets, and handles for cordless blinds and shades.

Bottom Rail Buttons Bottom Rail End Caps Cloth Tape Retainer Caps Handles for Cordless Blinds & Shades

Bottom Rail Buttons

Bottom rail buttons plug the holes in the bottom rail that may or may not have a string/cord running through. Certain buttons have holes for the string/cord to move through and act as a guide to prevent fraying.

Bottom Rail End Caps

Bottom rail end caps plug the open ends of the bottom rail.

Cloth Tape Retainer Caps

Caps made of metal or plastic that cover the cloth tape connection on a bottom rail.

Bottom Rail Handles

Bottom rail handles allow you to lift and lower your cordless blind or shade. They attach on the center of the bottom rail.

Hold Down Brackets

Hold Down Brackets

Hold down brackets connect the bottom rail on a blind or shade to a door or wall.